Toilets4London is an app and city wide scheme aiming to improve access to toilets in London and break the loo taboo!

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What we do

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Leveraging technology and building great apps

Our free Android and iOS apps enable you to locate London toilets, view accurate and up-to-date information, and contribute to improving toilet facilities all over the city. You can also access our data using the London toilets web app.

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Mapping London's public toilets

Toilets4London gets toilet data directly from councils and community organisations. We are collecting and maintaining a high quality database of toilet locations in London.

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Collecting accurate data on the things that matter

Toilets4London collects data on disabled accessibility, opening hours and baby change facilities so that you know exactly what is available.

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Getting more businesses to open up their toilets

Toilets4London aims to encourage more cafés, pubs and restaurants to open their toilets to the public, leading a city-wide scheme to break the taboo and emphasise the importance of toilets in the urban environment.

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Supporting the Open Data initiative

Toilets4London's vision is for the latest data on public services to be openly accessible. We endeavour to make it easier for local authorities to keep updated public toilet data in the public domain.

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Working together

By engaging with the public and private sectors, Toilets4London is working to make London a trailblazing city in the provision of toilet facilities. We won the 2020 Mayor's Entrepreneur Smart Cities Award and are working closely with the Greater London Authority.

Three in four of the UK public think there are not enough public toilets in their area.
Knowledge of lack of facilities nearby acts as a ‘loo leash’, deterring as many as one in five (20%) from venturing out of their homes as often as they would like. This rises to over two in five (43%) among those with medical conditions requiring frequent toilet use.

2018 Survey - Royal Society For Public Health

Contact us to find out more or get involved

We would love to hear from you - whether you'd like to submit an app feature request, toilet dataset, a collaboration idea or you're just curious and want to find out more.

Be the first to get the latest Toilets4London app features

As a Beta tester you get to test early pre-release versions of the app and give us feedback that will shape the next app release!

Thank you to our supporters

Toilets4London's supporters include the Mayor's Fund for London, the Citi Foundation and Imperial Entreprise Lab