BEWARE - there is currently a Toilets4London clone with a similar name (Toilets-London) on the iOS app store linking to this policy. They DO NOT hold the copyright for Toilets4London and are illegally misrepresenting themselves.

Check that the app is called Toilets4London and is released by Openurban CIC before trusting this privacy policy.

Toilets4London is not responsible for similar / clone apps or apps that use our data.

Privacy Policy

Mobile apps

The Toilets4London iOS and Android apps do not collect any personal user data. Any reviews or reports posted are not associated with any of your personal data and cannot be traced back to you. However, if you would like to cancel any of your submissions - either toilet ratings or reports - please contact and this will be done for you in under 24 hours. If you have any further questions about privacy or how we manage data, feel free to email us any questions.


Toilets4London is very serious about data protection and privacy - we won't spam you with emails and in general we're not into selling you stuff or selling your data. We don't have time for that as we're too busy trying to tackle London's loo problem : )